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The Best Northwest Ohio Water from the Water Filtration Experts

Drinking water in Tiffin, Fremont, and the surrounding areas come primarily from the Sandusky River.  Though typically nice to look at, surface water sources like the Sandusky River have complications that groundwater sources may not have.  These issues can come from the water itself being exposed or even from the distance that it typically has to travel before it finally reaches your faucet.

If your water comes from surface water sources, there are several factors about your drinking water that you should make yourself aware of.  Surface water (water that originate in lakes, rivers, or similar water sources) can absorb contaminants that can be harmful for human consumption.  Although they’re typically naturally-occurring, these biomaterials and minerals are not something that you would want in your water.  During the late spring and early summer months, this is made worse as the weather contributes to algal blooms and increases water’s sensitivity to microorganism growth.

Wherever you are in Northwest Ohio, you can feel good about your water with Culligan.  Not only do we have Culligan’s more than 80 years of water treatment experience, but we also have great, local employees with knowledge about the specific water problems that we face in this area.  We’re proud to not only serves, but also be a part of, the Tiffin and Fremont communities for years to come.  No matter the water problems that your home is enduring, we will come up with a customized solution that will make your home, and the water in it, happier.  Learn more, today!