Drinking Water Suggestions Following East Palestine Train Derailment

As environmental testing continues throughout Ohio and Pennsylvania following a train derailment in East Palestine, OH, there are immediate measures you can take to ease any concerns about contaminated drinking water. The Water Quality Association (WQA) posted a news release on Tuesday detailing suggestions on how to manage your drinking water. Eric Yeggy of the WQA said that “Possible groundwater contamination is a concern, especially for residents on private well supplies.” He suggests that well owners in the area test their systems as soon as possible and seek appropriate remedies. If you are on a public water system, be alert for any notices from your local authority. For more information or to read the news release yourself, click here.

Remedies & Steps You Can Take

So, what are some steps you can take to ensure your drinking water is safe? Culligan offers a variety of options to manage and filter your water! You can start by scheduling a FREE Water Quality Test, where we will scan your water for any contaminants. Depending on the results of the test, Culligan offers a number of great solutions to filtration. Whether you want to take preventative measures, or contaminants were found, a Culligan Reverse Osmosis system is the best way to keep your water safe and refreshing.

Reverse osmosis is a sophisticated multi-stage filtration system that is capable of up to 99% of all water contaminants. Some of the benefits of Culligan Aquasential RO include:

  • Filtration of 99% of all water contaminants
  • Up to 7 stages of filtration and 12 filter options
  • Bottled-Water Quality Water right at home

With Culligan, your drinking water concerns can be at ease. Through our water testing, filtration, and care, you can be confident that your home has the cleanest, safest, most refreshing drinking water possible. To schedule a FREE water test today, click here.

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